Most Famous Nordic Artists

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Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland are extremely beautiful and it is definitely worth visiting the at least once in a lifetime. However, the landscapes from there are not the only ones that attract tourists all over the world. There are also plenty of famous artists that create stunning pieces of art. We will talk in this article about some of them

Jonas Lund

This amazing Swedish artist explores in a very beautiful way notion of ownership and authorship, market trends, art flipping, and also production chains. For example, he had a very interesting project at Steve Turner Contemporary, called Flip City, where he actually installed GPS in order to track devices in not more and not less than 40 paintings. Therefore, he tracked their whereabouts so that he could provide to all visitors visualization for the hotly debated investment practice in which artists are paid extremely bad, manipulated, and then sold high on a secondary market with a huge profit unseen by the artist. Jonas Lund has had many wonderful projects of this type over the years and he is highly appreciated for his honesty and creativity.

Nina Beier

Even though Nina Beier lives at the moment in New York and Berlin, she still remains one of the most famous Nordic artists. She actually re-contextualizes different objects in unlikely yet amazing settings. Everything she does looks without a doubt absolutely amazing. If you are interested in art then you should have a look at her official website and see where you can admire her work of art.

Ida Ekblad

This up-and-coming painter is without a doubt Norway’s fastest rising young star. Her paintings are extremely expressionist and they are inspired by a large variety of art historical references, such as Situationism, Abstract Expressionism, cartoon, and even graffiti. After we have seen some of the Ida Ekblad’s masterpieces we can say that we were really impressed in a very beautiful way. Therefore, you should also have a look at what she has to offer.

Tal R

This artist was born in Tel Aviv, from a Czechoslovakian father and a Danish mother and then the whole family actually moved to Denmark when Tal R was only one year old. Due to its self-described outsider status and split identity, the young artist started to draw as a means of escape. Nowadays, Tal R’s paintings, collage, and sculptures reflect not only a celebratory but a sinister perspective as well. All his emotions are being shown in his works of art. He uses unconventional materials such as rabbit-skin glue and pigment crayons, and that’s why what he actually does is truly special and different. Tal R paints naïve forms which look quite abstract but as soon as you get to know him as a person and as an artist as well you will get to understand his masterpieces.

Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland is definitely another famous Nordic artist who drew thousands of liberating images. Most of these images depicted masculine and muscled men engrossed in some sort of acts of homoerotic desire. These men are usually cops, sailors, bikers, and cowboys.






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