Stockholm’s Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

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You will probably be surprised to find out that Stockholm has dozens of art galleries where amazing works of art are displayed. Therefore, if you love art and you want to see many interesting international artist’s masterpieces, then you definitely need to go to this city. We will show you in this article some of the best Stockholm’s contemporary art galleries you should visit.

Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art

Here you will have the chance to enjoy several ambitious shows for internationally established artists such as the Irish sculptor, Siobhan Hapaska. Furthermore, Magasin III has also developed a private and interesting collection of more than 600 works, including several pieces from artists it has actually showcased over the years. In two galleries you will find displaying works from this permanent collection. This museum expanded its scope and it includes nowadays lectures, talks, and collaborations with many other art institutions.


This place is these days home to one of the best photography museums in the entire Scandinavia. Therefore, anyone who is interested in photography must certainly visit this place. Every year Fotografiska stages around 20 major exhibitions that have presented in the past internationally renowned photographers like Klara Kallstrom and Swedes Helena Blomqvist. There are different themes that photography shows at Fotografiska, such as Sebastiao Salgado’s images of different parts of the world, and Roger Ballen’s black & white depictions of human or animal absurdity.

Bonniers Konsthall

There are plenty of international artists that have displayed their work at Bonniers Konsthall, an amazing contemporary art gallery located in Stockholm. The American photographer & filmmaker Sharon Lockhart is no exception, and the most amazing thing he has done here is the project that includes poetic images that document the everyday life of people. This project is often overlooked and we strongly recommend you to visit this art gallery as well. Furthermore, since this location has opened in 2006, has actually amassed its own diverse collection of works that are loaned to museums all over the world. All in all, this is a place that must be visited by all contemporary art lovers.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson

This art gallery is located on the ground floor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, and its main focus is to promote emerging national talent. All the artists represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson work in a wide range of media. Another important detail you need to know about this art gallery is that it also participates in several international art fairs including The Armory Show in New York, and ABC in Berlin. If you decide to see all the art galleries in this city but you don’t have company then what we suggest you is to look for an escort. Stockholm has many escort agencies where you can request the desired service, you can find a lot here : . Whether you want just pleasure or to be accompanied to any type of event, we are sure that you will find a lovely escort that will offer you exactly what you want.

Andrehn – Schiptjenko

We are sure that you will absolutely love this wonderful contemporary art gallery from Stockholm. It doesn’t only introduce the local artists but the international ones as well, such as Jose Leon Cerrillo, a Mexican artist. More than this, this art gallery makes an effort in order to present all these artists at art fairs, including Zona Maco and Art Basel in Hong Kong. What Andrehn –Schiptjenko actually wants is to make all artists known all over the world.



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